Winnipeg Ghostbusters


We Are The Winnipeg Ghostbusters

Have you seen a Spook, Spectre or Ghost? If so We are the Winnipeg Ghostbusters a Sony Pictures - Ghost Corps official franchise for the City of Winnipeg in Manitoba Canada, and we're ready to believe you! Our members are a vast group of "Ghostheads" who love the movies and give back to the community by attending different events throughout the year and raising money for local children's charities. We're always looking for new members and events to attend. Are you interested in becoming a Winnipeg Ghostbuster? There are some things you need to know which can be found on the Winnipeg Ghostbusters Application Page. You can find out what is entailed and then fill out our online application. If you have any questions about us, or what we do or just want to know anything about our group, you can Contact Us

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